Thursday, 29 March 2012


Anyone who knows me in real life knows that all I wear is, a dress and a cardigan. I have never worn jeans and never will do. When thinking of my wedding dress, the thought of a stiff bolero or long lace shrug sent me in to a tizz, then I thought why can't I wear a cardigan? When telling my mum I got gasps of "You can't!" telling me I can't, only makes me want it more. So I set about for inspiration and thought I'd share this with you!
If Kate Middleton can wear a cardigan to her wedding, why can't I? I still love that evening look over the day look. So radiant and beautiful, but my favourite has to be the beautiful lady in the coral honeysuckle pink cardigan. I'd love to look like that on my wedding day. It's formal yet casual, stunning yet understated.

Would you wear a cardigan on the day, or would you go for a more formal shrug?

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