Friday, 7 October 2011

Autumn {Weddings}

Autumn is upon us, yay! I love Autumn, it's my favourite season. I love putting my dress, cardigan, leggings, and scarf on and that's it - I'm set for the day! I also love a nice hot chocolate and a bath too. Anyway weddings... Autumn weddings are stereotypically based around warm oranges, tonal browns and deep raspberry. Which to me screams a wedding full of yumminess! Think spiced pumpkin cake topped with cinnamon frosting and home baked tarts filled to the brim with handpick blackberries, applies and rhubarb, decadent. I love the take on chocolate apples as favours, a crisp apple dunked in rich belgian chocolate decorated with cranberries, macadamias and swirled white chocolate makes a divine favour. The apples cored, holding warm apple juice with cinnamon sticks or mulled wine? Genius! Kids will love them too! Nothing screams homely more than a bounty of homegrown goods, so why not set up our entrance with a selection of your finest produce? These could possibly set the mood for your meal too. I love the hand painted wine glasses, not only are they practical but they could double up as favours too. Get yourself down to hobbycraft for some glass work pens and I know for a fact ASDA sell wine glasses for 50p a pop. They are definitely the sort of favour that would be kept in that special glass cupboard for display purposes. We all know gorgeous leaves are associated with autumn so why not decorate your cake with some cut from fondant? You could even crush beautiful coloured leaves for confetti instead of paper or flowers. The world is your oyster!

Are you an Autumn bride? Let me know if you think there is something I've missed! x

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Karen Wall said...

I love Autumn, the colour changes in the trees etc but love using burnt orange roses and calla lilies with berries and twisted willow
I love those glasses Jade
Well written by the way, I have some wonderful pumpkin flower arrangements you may want to feature, I'll send them over tomorrow for you

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